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Let’s Play: Armado and Moth play with words (Love’s Labour’s Lost, A1S2, 2 players)

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Love’s Labour’s Lost is filled with wordplay, often not that easy to follow for a modern reader. And there is little less amusing than having an ancient, re venerated joke explained to you. Given that one of the themes of the play is the importance of keeping one’s word, one wonders if this playing with words is the opposite of the importance of not forswearing.

In A1S2, we are introduced to Armado, a Spanish knight, who is in love, and his page Moth. They spend much of the scene playing with words, with little desire to move the plot on. The wit is delightful, if sometimes difficult to comprehend, and we’re going to get more of it – from the gentlemen of Navarre, and from the French ladies, and from the curate and the teacher. It is a feature of the play.

You’ll find links to the two parts in this scene below. The two players are Armado and Moth, and both parts are in Highlit Text form. Play from the start of the scene until the entry of Dull, Costard, and Jaquenetta.


1: Armado
2: Moth (Armado’s page)



Let’s Play!


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Love's Labour's Lost - Index

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