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Let’s Play: Berowne bemoans being in love (A3S1: Love’s Labour’s Lost)

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Berowne, is the cruel wit of the four men of court in Love’s Labour’s Lost. He teases others unmercifully, and takes delight in it. And so he is not the sort of man to welcome falling in love. But fall in love he does, with the lovely Roseline, and here, in Act 3 Scene 1, he  bemoans his fate, and curses Cupid more than a little.


We don’t usually publish monologues as part of a our “Let’s Play” scenes, but this one is so dlightful, we can’t resist it.


You’ll find a link to Berowne’s speech below. Berowne’s part is an ‘Parts and Cues’ format. The speech occurs at the end of the scene, after Costard’s exit on the cue: “Guerdon! Remuneration!”, so you’ll need to scroll down to Berowne’s speech which starts: “And I, forsooth, in love!” Play to the end of the scene.


1: Berowne

Let’s Play!

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Love's Labour's Lost - Index

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