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Let’s Play: ‘I left no ring with her’ – Twelfth Night, A2S2

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There’s a great small scene in Twelfth Night, A2S2, where the supercilious Malvolio meets with Viola (disguised as the boy, Cesario). Malvolio has been asked, by Olivia, to return a ring which Olivia said was given to her by Cesario on behalf of Orsino, who thinks he loves Olivia.

But Viola / Cesario hasn’t given Olivia a ring. She doesn’t tell Malvolio this, so he is unaware of the subterfuge by Olivia. Once Malvolio has left the scene, Viola / Cesario wonders about why Olivia had ‘returned’ the ring, and realises that Olivia has fallen in love with Viola / Cesario, who in turn is in love with Orsino, who in turn is ‘in love’ with Olivia.

Viola’s soliloquy includes a wonderful phrase which doesn’t make much sense in modern English:

“How will this fadge?”

The phrase means “How will this work out?” but ‘Fadge’ is such a nicer word than ‘Work Out’ it’s a shame it has gone out of use.

The cast links for the scene in highlight text form are below. The scene only requires two players:

Let’s Play “I left no ring with her”!

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