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Let’s Play Macbeth (Original Casting for 28)

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This casting of Macbethis the original casting of 28 speaking parts, as played by The Kings Men. (In addition there would be non-speaking performers acting as lords, attendants, etc., which, if you wish, you can add to your production).


The casting is in the same sequence as the original casting: principal men; principal boys (mostly female roles); minor men; minor boys, with each in the same sequence as the original.


This casting is for 28 players and is, of course, performable, as is the casting for 8 and for 10. Links to the different roles, all in Highlight Text format  are provided below:


Player 1: Macbeth

Player 2: Malcolm

Player 3: Macduff

Player 4: Ross

Player 5: Banquo

Player 6: Duncan, Scots Doctor

Player 7: Lenox

Player 8: Captain, First Murderer

Player 9: Porter, Siward

Player 10: Lady Macbeth

Player 11: First Witch

Player 12: Macduff’s Wife

Player 13: Hecate

Player 14: Second Witch

Player 15: Third Witch

Player 16:Son

Player 17: Gentlewoman

Player 18: Angus, Murderer, Old Man

Player 19: Menteith, English Doctor, Second Murderer

Player 20: Caithness, Lord

Player 21: Messenger1

Player 22: Messenger2, Seyton, Lords

Player 23: Young Siward, Donalbain, Third Murderer

Player 24: Soldier

Player 25: First Apparition

Player 26: Servant

Player 27: Fleance, Second Apparition

Player 28: Third Apparition


Each player should select their player no., and their script will replace this page, positioned on Act 1 Scene 1.

Let’s Play!


‘The Director’,

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