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Let’s Play: Othello A3S3 ‘beware my Lord, of jealousy!’

Let’s play part of  A3S3 of Othello where Iago carefully arises Othello’s jealousy. The scene requires three players. To begin with, Iago has to be very careful to make sure that he doesn’t go too far in telling Othello of his ‘suspicions’, until he is sure that Othello is susceptible to believing his story. This part of the scene starts when Iago and Othello enter, and see Cassio, who has been dismissed from his position as Othello’s Lieutenant, leaving Desdemona. Perhaps Desdemona makes things worse by being too insistent that Othello should forgive Cassio.

All three scripts above are in Highlight Text format.  When everyone has selected their role, they should scroll down in the script to the point where Cassio exits. Note that this includes Desdemona, who has some lines earlier in the scene. Start playing with Iago’s line: ‘Hah? I like not that.’, and finish with Othello’s line: ‘When we do quicken.’


You can see the Edinburgh Shakespeare Play-Reading Group play part of the above scene between Othello and Desdemona at:


And then a bit between Othello and Iago, where Iago starts to stir jealousy in Othello’s heart:



If you want to understand better how to use our MFFEV5 CloudReader, read:

Or if you just want to play more scenes for three players, from different plays then go to: Play-readings for three players



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