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Let’s Play: Othello murders Desdemona

Let’s play the death of Desdemona, murdered by Othello (start of Act 5 Scene 2). Othello, having been driven mad with jealousy by Iago, has sent Desdemona to bed, and now arrives to murder her. Click on the links below to get the player’s script:

Play the scene until the entry of Emelia. If you need help, check out our Help with “Let’s Play”. When both players have selected their role, let the reading commence.

Now you’ve read this  scene, there’s a number of things you can do:

  • Read them again and again until the speeches sound ‘just right’
  • Let us know how it went (good and bad) by posting on Player-Shakespeare.com’s Facebook page.
  • Read the whole play by clicking on the following link: Othello
  • Choose another piece for 2 players to read from: Playreadings for 2 players
  • Get 6 – 12 friends around and read one of the Shakespeare plays choosing available on MFFEV5

If you want to understand better how our MFFEV5 CloudReader scripts work, read:


The Director,
Don’t forget – for feedback on the MFFEV5, post us on Player-Shakespeare.com’s Facebook page.
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And finally, don’t forget we review Shakespeare productions you can watch at home on DVD or streaming. See:
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