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Macbeth Cast List for 7 players

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The table below provides the cast list for Macbeth for 7 players. Click on the Player No. that you have been given, and you will be taken to a script in Highlight text for your characters, and starting at Act One Scene One:

Player1: Macbeth
Player2: Malcolm, First Witch, Second Murderer, Old Man, Fleance
Player3: Lady Macbeth, Third Witch, Menteith, Messenger2, Young Siward, Doctor_eng
Player4: Banquo, Hecate, Doctor_scot, Siward, Son, Caithness
Player5: Duncan, Macduffs Wife, Second Witch, First Murderer, Lord, Porter, Gentlewoman, Donalbain, Seyton, Second Apparition
Player6:Ross, Lenox, Messenger1, Third Murderer, Murderer, Soldier
Player7: Macduff, Captain, Angus, Servant, Third Apparition, Lords, First Apparition

When everyone has selected their Player No…


Let’s play!


Richard Forsyth
‘The Director’

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Play Index & Help

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