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MFFEV5 – Hamlet (Index)

Hamlet Script

Entries in this index  lead you to an article about the play. Articles in: “Let’s explore”;  “Let’s Play”; and “Cast Lists” let you explore some of the text of the play in Cue Script, Highlight Text, or Standard format. Touch (or click on) an Index entry to see the article.


HELP with getting started
Cover - Hamlet
Introduction to the play
Whole script of Hamlet
Let's Explore Section:
Hamlet - the character
Gertrude - the queen
Polonius: State councillor - and father
Ophelia - Polonius' daughter and Hamlet's girlfriend
Let's Play Section:
How Polonius treats his children (3 players)
A3S4: Hamlet accuses his mother (3 players)
A3S1: Hamlet and Ophelia fight (4 players)
Aricles, DVDs, Reviews, Resources section:
Play-reading Report: 15rh Jan 2017
Book Review: Hamlet Fold on Fold
Review: (*****) NT production with Rory Kinnear"
DVD Review: (*****) Maxine Peake's Hamlet"
Review (*****): Slings and Arrows (1): - An amusing Canadian series about a production of Hamlet
Review (****) with downloads of Laurence Olivier's 1948 film of Hamlet"
Review (***) Ethan Hawke's Hamlet"
DVD Review: (***) BBC Hamlet with Derek Jacobi"
Hamlet - for children (a free script for production or play-reading)"
Shakespeare's Canon
Cast Lists for Play-reading etc
Round-robin reading for 2 - 4 players"
Cast List for 6 players
Cast List for 7 players"
Cast List for 8 players"
Cast List for 9 players"
Cast List for 16 players (Original)"
Help with our Edition
HELP with getting started
Help Videos"
How to explore in depth a character (e.g. Hamlet)
How to explore in depth any character

Hamlet Script

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