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MFFEV5 – Julius Caesar (Index)

Julius Caesar Script

Entries in this index  lead you to an article about the play. Articles in: “Let’s Explore”; “Let’s Play”; and “Cast Lists” Sections let you explore some of the text of the play in Cue Script, Highlight Text, or Standard format. Touch (or click on) an Index entry to see the article.


HELP with getting started
Julius Caesar Cover
Introduction to the play (Coming shortly)
Characters in the play
Let's Explore Section:
Brutus (coming shortly)
Cassius (coming shortly)
Mark Anthony (coming shortly)
Let's Play Section:
A3S2: Brutus and Anthony at the Hustings (5 players)
Aricles, DVDs, Reviews, Resources section
An Overview of our Edition (coming shortly)
Review (***): Bridge Theatre production of Julius Caesar
Cast lists Section:
Round-robin play-reading for 2 - 5 players
Cast list for 6 players
Cast list for 7 players
Cast list for 8 players
Cast list for 9 players
Cast list for 10 players
Cast list for 11 players
Cast list for 12 players
Help with our Edition
HELP with getting started
Help Videos
How to explore in depth a character (e.g. Hamlet)
How to explore in depth any character



Julius Caesar Script

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