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MFFEV5 Love’s Labour’s Lost – Index

Love's Labour's Lost Script

Entries in this index  lead you to an article about the play. Articles in: “Let’s explore”;  “Let’s Play”; and “Cast Lists” let you explore some of the text of the play in Cue Script, Highlight Text, or Standard format. Touch (or click on) an Index entry to see the article.


HELP with getting started
Love's Labour's Lost - Cover Page
Characters in the play
Let's Explore:
A1S2: Prospero's back story
Let's play section:
A1S2: Prospero tells Miranda their history (2 players)
A2S1: Sebastian and Antonio are tempted (5 players)
A2S2: Caliban discovers new gods (3 players):
A3S2: Friends fall out (4 players):
A4S1: Magic and Masque at Miranda and Ferdinand's nuptials (5 players)
Aricles, DVDs, Reviews, Resources section
An Overview of our Edition
Review (*****): The Globe's production of The Tempest
Review (***): The Tempest; dir. Derek Jarman; 1979
Video Extract: The Globe'sTempest with Colin Morgan & Roger Allam
Playreading Report: Edinburgh, 21st June '15
Playreading Report, Edinburgh, 14th Jan, '18
Cast lists for The Tempest section:
Round robin playreading for 2 - 6 players
Cast list for 7 players
Cast list for 8 players
Cast list for 9 players
Cast list for 10 players
Help with our Edition:
HELP with getting started
Help Videos
How to explore in depth a character (e.g. Hamlet)
How to explore in depth any character


Love's Labour's Lost Script

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