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Michelle Terry starring in RSC Loves Labours Lost and Love Labours Won

A profile of Michelle Terry in Words, Pics, and Video Clips

With her performances with the RSC in Love’s Labour’s Lost as Rosaline, and in Love’s Labour’s Won (better known as Much Ado About Nothing) as Beatrice, Michelle Terry will become better known around the world, particularly with the  onscreen broadcasts  of those two shows in the near future.

So who is the actor Michelle Terry, and what is her background in Shakespearean acting?

Michelle Terry as Helena with Conreth Hill as Parolles

Michelle Terry as Helena with Conreth Hill as Parolles

Her first  Shakespearean role was with the National Theatre in 2009, when she played Helena in All’s Well That Ends Well. I missed that production, but there’s a very interesting video clip where Michelle talks about the role. Perhaps some of the extracts from the production show that Michelle was still developing . What I find of most interest is the thoughtfulness with which she talks about the role:

Michelle Terry talks about playing Helena.

Michelle Terry as The Princess of France.

Michelle Terry as The Princess of France.

Her next Shakespearean role came in 2010, with her performance as the Princess of France in the Globe’s production of Love’s Labour’s Lost. In the clip which  follows below, you can see her ability to show complex changes of emotion in her face. This is seriously good acting.


Video clip of Michelle Terry as Princess of France.

Although the clip above focuses on the Princess of France, you’ll get a much better idea of the overall production by looking at the trailer for the production:

Trailer of Globe production of Love’s Labour’s Lost.

(Incidentally, it would be rather fun to review The Globe’s vcrsion of Love’s Labour’s Lost and compare it with the RSC Version – I must take a note to do that).

More recently (2014), she has played Hippolyta / Titania  in the Globe’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This is the first production which I

Titania and her fairy train - photo John Haynes

Titania and her fairy train – photo John Haynes

have seen (in a cinema in Edinburgh) and I loved it. The production was very much a ‘battle of the sexes’ and Michelle’s Hipplyta was not at all keen on Thseus, and offered a deal of support for  Hermia, when Theseus had the temerity to command Hippolyta to follow him. Men, eh!!! As Titania too, she fought over her Indian boy. There was an interesting contrast between her strong, powerful, stage voice which she could project over the whole theatre, and Oberon’s habit of ‘acting by shouting’.  Click on the link to  read my Review of  A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

And if the review is not enough for you, here’s a clip of her playing Titania, enamoured by Bottom’s singing – a delight:

Titania and Bottom

And now she is starring as Rosaline in Love’s Labour’s Lost and Beatrice in Love’s Labour’s Won (really Much Ado About Nothing). The broadcast of Love’s Labour’s Lost has happened (though there will be encore shows) and you can read our review at  RSC Love’s Labour’s Lost, and again there’s a video clip of the production:

RSC trailer of Love’s Labour’s Lost production

The excitement mounts as we wait for Michelle’s take on Beatrice in Love’s Labour’s Won, broadcast in the UK  on 4th March. The role plays to what we see as Michelle’s strengths, and the chemistry between her and  Edward Bennett (Benedick) is already clear from Love’s Labour’s Lost. I hope that they will show a bit more of the darker side of the relationship between Beatrice and Benedick than is usual. It should be a wonderful evening!!! – 4th March in various cinemas in the UK, and on various dates in the USA (Check the RSC’s  ‘Find Nearest Cinema’ option for broadcast dates at cinemas near you – https://onscreen.rsc.org.uk/loves-labours-won/) and elsewhere.

I expect we’ll be seeing (and hearing) a lot more of Michelle Terry.

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