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New Global Theatre programmes from The Globe and RSC

Today we publish details of The Globe’s, and the RSC’s, new programmes – with video clips summarising each season. We’ve updated our Global Theatre diary with these shows, and with other new ways of experiencing Shakespeare from the BBC and DigitalTheatre.com.

 Here’s a summary of what we think are the highlights from the new programmes:

First, and most exciting, the first broadcast from the indoor, candlelit, Sam Wanamaker theatre of The Duchess of Malfi with Gemma  Arterton as the eponymous heroine, takes place on 26th Feb. Put it in your diary!!!. Our photo (courtesy Mark Douet) is of Gemma as The Duchess, with James Garnon as Cardinal (I was going to go to London to see this new Elizabethan indoor theatre, but this broadcast has saved me a few hundred pounds – and the trip!!!).

The Globe in its season from March through June will be putting on  The Duchess of Malfi  (Webster) and four  Shakespeare plays (three Roman {Titus Andronicus, Julius Ceaser, and Antony & Cleopatra} plus The Comedy of Errors which is perhaps Greek 🙂 )

The RSC in its season from September through end-December, is putting on 1 Shakespeare play (Henry V), 1 pantomime (Wendy and Peter Pan) and three other plays (Hecuba, by Marina Carr; Congreve’s Love for Love ; Queen Anne, by Helen Edmundson). Not much Shakespeare from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre!

You can see a trailer for the Globe Theatre’s programme here

You can see a trailer for the RSC programme here

Why don’t you watch them both and then make your choice of which plays to watch?


Keep watching Shakespeare – and other stuff!!!


‘The Director’

 P.S.  We’ve tidied up the structure of the web-site a little and we hope it will be a little easier to understand.  Players-Shakespeare.com now has four main sections which we hope you’ll explore:

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