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New Playreading Reports: Toronto Shakespeare Workshop + other groups

Welcome to Toronto Shakespeare Workshop!!!

We’re pleased to offer a very warm welcome to Toronto Shakespeare Workshop, run by Justin Hay,  as another play-reading group that contributes playreading reports to our web-site.

For more details about them, click on  Toronto Shakespeare Workshop.

This week we publish four playreading reports of workshops run by Justin in January 2015 on the first four Acts of Hamlet. You can find each of the playreading reports at the following links:

Hamlet Act I playreading report
Hamlet Act II playreading report
Hamlet Act III playreading report
Hamlet Act IV playreading report

The Toronto Group have a very interesting approach to playreading, running weekly (!!!!) workshops which explore one Act of a play by using rehearsal techniques, rather similar to some of the workshops I’ve attended run by the RSC here in the UK. If you read the playreading reports (see links above) I think you’ll see what I mean.

Playreading Groups who publish playreading reports:

We’ve now got playreading reports from three different playreadings groups (and we’d love to have more from other groups) and each one has a very different approach which can be summarised as follows:

 Toronto Shakespeare Workshop, (Toronto, Canada) as outlined above, run weekly workshops with a group averaging 8, acting out key scenes from one Act of a Shakespeare play, in order to deepen participants understanding of the play and the characters in the play, using good rehearsal techniques. We’ve published  playreading reports on the first four Acts of Hamlet, and hope to publish a report on the fifth Act shortly (after they’ve run the workshop on 8th Feb.)

Hudson Shakespeare Company (New Jersey, USA)  run occasional play readings (maybe 3 a year)  with a group of around 8  of old and new members, of apocryphal Shakespeare plays, with a view to selecting one for production. So far we have published two play-reading reports from them on Sir Thomas More, and Arden of Faversham.

 Edinburgh Shakespeare Playreading Group  (Edinburgh, Scotland, – that’s us)  run a monthly playreading with between 10 and 12 readers usually, using our own Modern First Folio Edition scripts (available for download from this web-site). We also use castcards (available in playreading packs) to allocate the 30 or so roles to the 10 – 12 readers so that everyone gets an interesting part. We run play readings from September through April. The focus is on understanding the play, rather than in-depth character analysis.

You can see all the Playreading reports from all these groups at our Playreading Report page. Click on the pic (or the title) of a Playreading Report that interests you to see the detail. Alternatively, you can see all the help we offer Playreading Groups on our Playreading Home Page and then navigate to the Playreading Reports, or any other thing that interests you.

We’d love to have more Playreading Reports from more Playreading groups, whether they illustrate a different approach or just tell us about their playreadings. I’ve learnt a lot from the playreading reports we’ve already published, and I’m sure we’d all learn a lot more if we published more reports from different groups.  You can either email the text of a playreading report to me (admin@players-shakespeare.com), or fill in our playreading report form at: https://players-shakespeare.com/add-a-playreading-report/

Keep Play-reading (and giving us reports of them),

The Director

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