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As You Like is now available for play-reading

We ‘re  pleased to announce that we have published As You Like It in MFFEV5 format and so it is now available for play-reading.
To see the play and get an overview of what we provide as well as the play:

using a MS-Windows laptop or an Apple iPad in landscape format:
Click on any of the links in the index to the right of this post to start exploring As You Like It.


The play is published with cast lists for two to twelve players,a s well as the original casting foe 20 players.


You can play-read As You Like It in round-robin form with 2 – 5 players. Cast lists, with all characters allocated to a particular player are provided for six to twelve players, making it practical to run play-readings with six to 12 players. The cast lists for 11 and 12 players are performable. In other words they can be used as the basis for a production.


By default, The scripts will be viewed in Highlight Text format, where the lines for each character that a player is playing are highlit in a different colour. Alternatively the script can be seen in ‘ Parts and Cues ‘ format by using the set-up gearwheel at the top right of the script to change the Viewing mode to ‘ Parts and Cues ‘.


We also publish four scenes in “Let’ s Play” format which allows smaller groups of players to play those scenes. This is useful in

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