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Romeo and Juliet: Upgrade to Version 5.06

We ‘ve upgraded Romeo and Juliet with lots of new goodies to help you explore the play. At the top-level, with this new release,  you can:

Use “Let’ s Explore ” to explore the characters of Romeo, Juliet, and the Nurse (or any other character in the play)
Use ” Let ‘s Play” with a few friends to play: The Balcony scene; The lovers’ parting; The death of Mercutio and Tybalt; Juliet ‘s family discover the ‘ death ‘ of Juliet
Play-read the whole play with 6 to 9 play-readers (we recommend 8)
Explore the original, Elizabethan, casting of the play for 20 players
Find out how our (Edinburgh Shakespeare play-reading group) play-reading went in December ‘ 15. We ‘ll be reading the play again in February ‘ 17 and will publish another report on how

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