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One Hour Hamlet – for the young and old

One Hour Hamlet Index and Help

We’re very excited to publish an adaptation of Hamlet by Aileen Gonsalves, the RSC director, along with two more articles on her methodology, covering Soliloquies (see her web-site on her methodology at: https://www.gonsalvesmethod.com/testimonials/) . Aileen’s adaptation sticks closely o the script and provides a ‘route map’ of the plot of Hamlet. It plays in an hour.


I understand that Aileen has used this adaptation for pub-lunch productions of Shakespeare plays, and also uses it with classes for the young and old in New York and London.


This adaptation is one of a series Aileen has made, and we’ve agreed to publish some of them over the summer months and hope to have half-a-dozen published for the start of the autumn term, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Hamlet; Romeo and Juliet; Macbeth; The Merchant of Venice; Twelfth Night.


What we’re particularly excited about is that these One Hour adaptations, complement our own Modern First Folio Edition Together they provide a rich resource for pupils, students, play-reading groups, and U3A groups to explore Shakespeare’s plays through play. And, of course, you can use them for short or long productions of the plays.


You’ll notice another difference in this adaptation. We’ve published it in our standard format so you can use cast lists; cue scripts; and Highlit Text. If other adaptors so wish, we’ll upgrade their plays to this format, but this does require some additional technical work.


At the moment, this adaptation is only available online. We’re working on providing a download function, but it will take some time.

To see Aileen’s Adaptation, click on one of the following two buttons:

One Hour Hamlet Index and Help


If you want to explore Cue Scripts, cast lists, or Highlit text, you currently hhave to use the gear wheel at the top of the script window. click on the link below and play the Help video:
How to access a Shakespeare play and tailor it to meet your needs



Let’s Play



Richard Forsyth
‘The Director’


You’ll find other Shakespeare adaptations we’ve published on our Shakespeare Adaptations Page.



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One Hour Hamlet Index and Help





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