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One Hour Midsummer Night’s Deam – Round Robin 2 – 5

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If you can only get a few people (2 – 5)  together to do a play-reading, probably the most practical way of reading the play is to read it ‘rouond-robin’.


Each player reads a speech in turn until all the speakers have read a speech, and then the first speaker speaks the next speech, and so on until you’ve read the play.


This way of reading the play means that no player reads particular characters, but you’ll still get a good feeling for what happens in the play.


If you’ve got enough people to use one of our cast lists ( for 6 to 8 players) you’ll probably find it more satisfactory, as each player is allocated a number of characters to read.


To run a round-robin play-reading of  One Hour Midsummeer Night’s Dream,  each player, on their own smartphone, tablet, or laptop,  should click on the following link. When all the players have got to the script start reading:




Let’s Play!

Richard Forsyth
‘The Director’,

One Hour Midsummer Dream Index and Help

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