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Players-Shakespeare.com: An Overview, March ’18

Our use of Facebook:

In 2018, Players-Shakespeare.com plans to encourage people and organisations to use our web-site www.players-shakespeare.com to explore Shakespeare’s texts by play-reading; using “Let’s Explore”; and “Let’s Play” and other functions provided by that web-site. It  is supported by the WordPress content management system.


We use standard Facebook posts to encourage you to visit our web-site. We do not use apps in any form for our Facebook posts. We do not “harvest data” from your Facebook profiles in any way.


An Overview of Players-Shakespeare.com:


To help you understand who we are and what we’re trying to achieve, we provide this overview of who we are as a pdf. The pdf follows below. You can scroll through the overview, or if you’re interested, you can download a copy as a pdf by clicking on the down-arrow on the toolbar :





If you are using, or thinking of using, Players-Shakespeare.com’s edition of Shakespeare’s plays for  play-reading, or productions why don’t you ask to become a member of our Support for Playreading & Productions Closed FB group?



If you want to know how our Shakespeare edition is developing,  ‘like’ our Facebook page, and you’ll get more detailed updates on Facebook on what’s happening.


If you want to contact us directly, you can email us at  mffev5@gmail.com



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