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The way you interact with our site is by using a format we’ve unashamedly adapted from the BBC’s UK News site. It allows you to quickly and easily get to the stories that you want to read. You’ll find an example of what our pages look like in the image below, and then a brief description of how you use it:

PS.com Great shows to watch at home - half

Our main pages show a grid of stories which might interest you (see above for an example). You can read brief details about each story on the page. If you want to read the full story, ‘clic on the pic’ associated with the story (or the title of the story) and a new page will open up with the full story. When you’ve finished reading it, click the back-button (<-) to close it and go back to the ‘main page’. It’s as simple as that.

Finished looking at one of our main pages? Select another from the menu along the top of each web-site page.

So why don’t you try it by going back to the Home Page and clicking on one of the links.

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