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This page provides links to all of Shakespeare’s plays in the First Folio.  We have not yet published all plays. Those which have been published have download links on the play page. We hope to have completed the Modern First Folio Edition by April 2016 (the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death) so more plays will have downloads attached as we publish more plays.

It is quite interesting to see the order in which the First Folio plays were performed. This may not necessarily be in the order they were written. However, it does show the general development of Shakespeare as a playwright, and can provide pointers to a new Shakespeare director as to which plays to consider directing. Generally, the early and the late plays are not usually the easiest to direct.

You can see all the First Folio plays so arranged by clicking on the following link.

Shakespeare’s First Folio plays by date and classification.

Plays are categorised by edition and in a fairly conventional classification of: Comedies; Histories; Classic Histories; Tragedies; Late Plays. You may not agree with how we’ve classified some (or all) of the plays, but we think it makes some sort of sense.

Click on the class of plays you want to explore in more detail below:


Histories – English

Histories – Classic


Late Plays