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Published MFFEV5 Scenes


We provide scenes (extracts) from Shakespeare’s plays via ‘The Cloud’ for playing by mostly 1 – 6 players (school children & home-schoolers, students,  & play-reading groups). Playing scenes  (rather than reading the play) enriches your understanding of the plays, and let’s you explore play-reading with less people. Each player needs their own web browser (laptop; tablet; smartphone).
Each scene comes with a description of the scene, and casting links for each script. See the table below for currently available scenes. If our scenes aren’t appropriate, you can create your own extracts using our scripts and castings (see https://players-shakespeare.com/lets-play-hamlet-getting-going/).
If you want to keep up-to-date with the new plays and scenes we publish, including our ‘Play of the Month’, ‘like’ our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/playersshakespeare/

Helpful Hints:

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You can sort the table below by clicking on a column title.
To see the details of a play / extract, click on the play / extract title:

Let's Play ExtractsPlayA?S?No. Players
Feste (A1S5, A3S1, A4S1)Twelfth NightMultiple1
Bottom (A1S2, A3S1, A4S1, A4S2, A5S1)A Midsummer Night's DreamMultiple1
Let's explore 'Parts and Cues', 'Highlit Text' and 'Standard Script'Multiple playsMulitple1 - 4
Romeo & Juliet (A2S2, A3S5)Romeo and JulietMultiple2
Henry IV tells off Prince HalHenry IV Part IA3S22
Petruccio woos KateThe Taming of the ShrewA2S12
Hotspur teases Lady PercyHenry IV Part IA2S32
Othello murders DesdemonaOthelloA5S22
Arthur is nearly blindedKing JohnA4S13
The death of HotspurHenry IV Part IA5S43
A plague on all cowards!Henry IV Part IA2S43
Let's play Falstaff, Hal, and Henry IVHenry IV Part IA1S2, A2S4, A3S24
Let's play Hal, Henry IV, and HotspurHenry IV Part IA3S2/A5S43
We meet Falstaff and HalHenry IV Part IA1S23
How you can set up Extracts - HamletHamletA2S13
Hamlet berates his motherHamletA3S43
Romeo and Juliet in love (Highlit Text)Romeo and JulietA2S2/A3S53
Romeo and Juliet (Parts & Cues)Romeo and JulietA2S2/A3S53
Iago seeds jealousy in OthelloOthelloA3S33
Caliban discovers new godsThe TempestA2S23
Mad Lear meets blind GloucesterKing LearA4S53
Falstaff and Hal 'practice an answer'Henry IV Part IA2S44
Othello seeks Desdemona's handkerchiefOthelloA3S44
Friends fall outThe TempestA3S24
The deaths of Mercutio and TybaltRomeo and JulietA3S14
Hamlet and Ophelia fightHamletA3S14
Juliet's family discover her 'death'Romeo and JulietA4S56
The bastardy of Philip FaulconbridgeKing JohnA1S16
Brutus and Anthony at the hustingsJulius CaesarA3S25
What fools these mortals beA Midsummer Night's DreamA3S26
Lear clashes with his wary daughtersKing LearA2S210
A production kick-off meetingA Midsummer Night's DreamA1S26
Let's use Hamlet to show you how you can set-up your own extractsHamletA2S11

If you want us to keep you up-to-date with the plays and extracts we publish:
‘like’ our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/playersshakespeare/

Let’s Play!

‘The Director’,

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