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    RSC Voice and Text Workshop

    by William Shakespeare
    MFFE script version 1.5 CloudReader v1.05
  • A3S1
  • Act Three Scene One

    (The Winter's Tale)

    Enter Cleomines and Dion.
    ---!!! First speech of scene
    The Climate's delicate, the Air most sweet,
    Fertile the Isle, the Temple much surpassing
    The common praise it bears.
    --- praise it bears.
    I shall report,
    For most it caught me, the Celestial Habits,
    Methinks I so should term them, and the reverence
    Of the grave Wearers. O, the Sacrifice!
    How ceremonious, solemn and unearthly
    It was i' the Offering!
    --- was i'th' Offering?
    But of all, the burst
    And the ear-deafening Voice o' the Oracle,
    Kin to Jove's Thunder, so surprised my Sense,
    That I was nothing.
    --- I was nothing.
    If the event o'th' Journey
    Prove as successful to the Queen, - O be't so! -
    As it hath been to us rare, pleasant, speedy,
    The time is worth the use on't.
    --- the use on't.
    Great Apollo
    Turn all to th' best! These Proclamations,
    So forcing faults upon Hermione,
    I little like.
    --- I little like.
    The violent carriage of it
    Will clear or end the Business: when the Oracle,
    Thus by Apollo's great Divine seal'd up,
    Shall the Contents discover, something rare
    Even then will rush to knowledge. Go: fresh Horses!
    And gracious be the issue!
    >>> be the issue!
  • A3S1