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Reminder: NT-Live 50th anniversary of the National Theatre 2nd Nov.

To celebrate it’s 50th anniversary, the National Theatre of Great Britain, presents National Theatre: 50 years on Stage, bringing together the best British actors for a unique evening of unforgettable performances, broadcast live from London to British TV and cinemas around the world (see below for more details).

 A cast of 100 will perform live on stage in this once-in-a-lifetime event, directed by Sir Nicholas Hytner. The cast includes: Roger Allam; Simon Russell Beale; Benedict Cumberbatch; Frances de la Tour; Judi Dench; Christopher Eccleston; Ralph Fiennes; Michael Gambon; Derek Jacobi; Alex Jennings; Rory Kinnear; Adrian Lester; Anna Maxwell Martin; Helen Mirren; Andrew Scott; Maggie Smith; and Penelope Wilton, and a host of others.

 Of course we’re not going to see a complete play. It’s a celebration of 50 years so there’ll be extracts from iconic productions from Rosencrantz and Guildenstein are Dead to The History Boys; from Anthony and Cleopatra to Angels in America; from Guys and Dolls to London Road.

 They tell us this will be a thrilling evening of live performances and rare glimpse from the archive, bringing the history of the National Theatre live to the BBC and selected cinemas around the world. Where the time shift is awkward there will be encore performances at more convenient times and dates. Here’s a trailer for the show.

 If you live in the UK  you can see this 2 ¼ hour show live on Saturday 2nd November  on BBC 2 from 9:00pm to 11:15pm. Then, no doubt, it will be available on BBC iPlayer for a week (if your computer is in the UK or you can make it look as if it is).

 For those of you in the USA and other countries, the show will be broadcast live to cinemas (if your time shift from London is not too difficult e.g. New York), or encore performances where the time shift is larger (e.g. San Francisco). To find out the time of performances in your area, go to our Global Theatre Event Diary and click on the link to the NT-Live Cinema Network.

 We plan to publish a review of the show on 3rd November.

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