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Romeo and Juliet: A2S2 The Balcony Scene

A Video Reading of The Balcony Scene (A2S2) of Romeo and Juliet:

This Video Reading is of the whole scene of A2S2 (The Balcony Scene) of Romeo and Juliet – excluding the Nurse’s two or three lines.


Both Romeo and Juliet are played by Eliza Langland. We’ve tweaked the sound to reduce the pitch for Romeo’s lines, and made them a little higher for Juliet’s lines. An interesting experiment! After you’ve watched the Video Reading, you may like to try reading the scene (with a friend) yourselves.


You can find this same scene (A2S2) by clicking on the following link: Romeo and Juliet in Love , where y0u can play the scene yourselves.


Click on the arrow in the pic below to play the video:



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