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Let’s Play: The Balcony scene, and The Lovers’ parting

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Let’ play the two main love scenes between Romeo and Juliet in Highlit Text format (needs 3 players).
– Act 2 Scene 2: The Balcony Scene (Romeo and Juliet meet), and then
– Act 3 Scene 5: The Lovers’ Parting Scene (Romeo leaves Juliet for exile)


First Scene: A2S2 (Romeo and Juliet meet at her balcony):

Romeo, with his friends, has gate-crashed a dance given by Capulet (the father of Juliet). There he sees Juliet and falls in love with her. He leaves the dance, and to escape his teasing friends, jumps over a wall. He finds himself in a courtyard, and on one wall, he sees a balcony. The three characters in this scene are:

  • Romeo (Highlit Text)
  • Juliet (Highlit Text)
  • Nurse  (Highlit text) – Note if there’s only two of you, Romeo can play the Nurse’s role as well. Using different voices is helpful.


The poor old Nurse doesn’t have much to say (but she makes up for it in other scenes) but her words are important – she makes Juliet leave the balcony, separating the two lovers, before they are re-united when she returns.
Play to the end of the scene, and then switch to Act 3 Scene 5, by clicking on the button (at the bottom or top of the script window) marked A3S5
If you need help, check out our Help with “Let’s Play”.


Second Scene A3S5  (The Lovers’ parting):

Romeo and Juliet have been secretly married, and Romeo has just killed Tybalt, a cousin of Juliet, in revenge for Tybalt’s killing of Mercutio. The Prince banishes Romeo, but before he leaves Verona, Romeo spends one night with his new wife. In the morning, in A3S5, Romeo prepares to leave Juliet for Mantua. The speakers in the scene are the same as in A2S2:

  • Juliet (Highlight Text )
  • Romeo (Highlight Texts)
  •  Nurse (Highlight Text) – Again note that if there’s only two of you, Romeo can play the Nurse’s role as well. Using different voices is helpful.

Again, the Nurse’s few lines are key to motivating Romeo to leave his wife.

Read the scene until the entry of Juliet’s mother (CAPULET WIFE)

If you need help, check out our Help with “Let’s Play”.

Now you’ve read those two scenes in Highlight Text mode, you can read the version in Parts and Cues format (also 3 players) at  Romeo and Juliet in love (Parts and Cues) In this format, Romeo and Juliet only get their lines and the prompts which cue those lines. The Nurse is in Highlit Text format, so that if the scene falls, apart, she can act as prompt to get the scene going again. It’s interesting to compare Highlit Text and Parts and Cues format. Some people prefer one, some prefer the other.

If you want to understand better how our MFFEV5 Cloud Reader scripts work, read:


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