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Here’s another Shakespeare adaptation for children. It’s about an hour long, has a cast of around 14, playing  about 45 characters, adapted by Douglas Roberts.


Douglas is another Shakespeare addict and adapter from the Scottish Borders. I first came across Shakespeare’s Canon, when it was played as part of a double-bill, along with my adaptation of Chimes at Midnight, called Gentlemen of the Shakes (see it at: https://players-shakespeare.com/gentlemen-of-the-shade-c21e-version-1-01/), at the Eastgate, in Peebles. Since then, it has been played all over the world. (see the second page of the script for summary details). Its latest production will be in Auckland, New Zealand with performances by 14 young people on Friday 24th February, and Saturday 25th. If you’re in Auckland that week-end, here’s the details:

Shakespeare’s Canon in Auckland


You, too, can perform it. It is published here under a Creative Commons licence (see front page of the script) which allows you to share it, adapt it, and use it for a production. It needs a cast of 14, if I’ve got it right. If you want to contact Douglas  to find out how to stage it, etc., send me an email at playersshakespearemffev5@gmail.com, and I’ll pass your message on to Douglas.


If you have a Shakespeare adaptation that you’d like us to publish, send an email, with a copy of the play in .pdf format, and with a licence included in the script which allows our visitors to download the play and use it for a production. You could use the Creative Commons licence that Douglas has used, if you don’t have your own.


Here is the script. You can scroll through the play, and if you’re interested, you can download a copy as a pdf by clicking on the down-arrow on the toolbar:






If you want to see other adaptations we have available for use in play-reading or production, check out our Shakespeare Adaptations page.




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