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Alls Well That Ends Well – Introduction to play

The Play: All’s Well That Ends Well was first published in the First Folio, though it was probably written around 1604-5, not long after James I became king of England. The plot is derived from Boccaccio, the novella of ‘ Bertramo de Rossigilione and Giglietta de Narbone’, recounted on the third day of the Decameron. . The Problem Plays: For the last 100 years or so All’s Well That Ends …Read More

Alls Well That Ends Well ‘Round-robin’ play-reading for 2 – 4 readers

If you can only get a few people (2 -4)  together to do a play-reading, probably the most practical way of reading the play is to read it ‘rouond-robin’. In other words, each player reads a speech in turn. The first reader reads the first speech; then the next speaker in a clockwise direction reads the next speech; and so on until all the speakers have read, and then the …Read More