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Let’s play: Arthur is nearly blinded (A4S1, King John)

Let’s play A4S1 of King John, where (Prince) Arthur is saved from blinding by Hubert, by his innocence. I find this extract one of the more moving scenes of  the whole play: Player 1 – Hubert  (In Parts and Cues format) Player 2 – Executioner (Highlit Text) Player 3 – Arthur (Parts and Cues) Hubert and Arthur’s scripts are in Parts and Cue format.  The Executioner  is in Highlit Text so that player can …Read More

Let’s play: The bastardy of Philip Faulconbridge (A1S1, King John)

Let’s play the second half of A1S1 of King John, where Robert and Philip Faulconbridge ask for King John’s judgement on whether Philip Faulconbridge is a bastard or not. Play the scene from the entrance of  Robert Faulconbridge and his brother Philip. This extract shows the vigour of Philip Faulconbridge – a feature of the whole play: Player 1 – King John  (In Parts and Cues format) Player 2 – Philip_the_Bastard (Parts and …Read More

King John (6 – 11 players)

King John is not one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. It hardly seems to be played at all. I can only find reference to two filmed productions, one in 1952 and the BBC production in 1984. It was immensely popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, according to the Oxford Companion to Shakespeare, but has completely fallen out of favour since then. This is surprising, given its sardonic coverage of the shifting …Read More