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The Gonsalves Method – Objectives, Stakes , Entitlement Tactics

The Gonsalves Method – Objectives, Stakes, Entitlement Tactics – How these help create truthful acting. Fill in these blanks for every scene and I believe you have a really strong way to get an actor to begin their journey when rehearsing. You may be amazed to know at Butterfly Theatre this is all we need to start rehearsing. Now to be fair, my actors all come with their lines entirely learned …Read More

The Gonsalves Method – Objectives are essential to good acting.

Objectives are essential to good acting. What are they and how to act truthfully with them? One of my favourite scenes ever written is the scene between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Act I Scene VII where Macbeth has just convinced himself that, contrary to the prophecy and his promise to his wife earlier he will not murder King Duncan that night. “I have no spur to prick the sides of …Read More

Countdown to Playreading… T – 7: Let’s Explore the principal characters in the play

In the previous step, you  read some, or all, of the play. Now  it’s worth exploring some of the more interesting bits of the play, using some of the features we provide to make it easier to read some of the soliloquies. This will let you explore or deepen your understanding of the main characters in the play, and also get you used to how to use various features of …Read More

Countdown to Playreading… T – 6: Play some key scenes with friends

Now we’ve reached  the fun bit!  If you’ve followed our ‘Countdown to Playreading’ posts, you’ve  read the play (probably Macbeth, but it could be another) on your own; you’ve read some soliloquies out loud; so you’re pretty familiar with how you read our plays on the web-site. It’s time to invite one ore two friends  who are going to come to the play-reading round to play some scenes together. . …Read More

Let’s Play: Macbeth A4S2: ‘All my pretty Chickens, and their Dam!’

For the Jacobean audience; the playwright; and the actors at  at the premiere of Macbeth the  Gunpowder Plot of the same year loomed as large in their consciousness as 9/11 does in our day.  That affected the structure and content of the play: the illegitimate overthrow of kings by violent means; the Porter’s reference to Equivocators; the involvement of witches and the devil; the eventual overthrow of Macbeth. . For the modern …Read More

Let’s Play: Macbeth A2S3 The porter’s scene

After Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have murdered Duncan in A2S2, the scene ends with a knocking on the castle door. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth disappear to change, and the next scene starts. . A porter comes on in A2S3 to answer the door. He has a long speech in which he imagines himself to be a porter of hell-gate, letting in those who have fallowed the broad path to Hell. …Read More

Let’s Play: Macbeth A3S6: Lennox talks ironically about Macbeth

In A3S6 of Macbeth, shortly after Banquo’s ghost appears at the dinner, and just before Macbeth meets the witches again where the apparitions make their predictions about Macbeth‘s future, there’s a quiet little scene between Lenox and a Scottish Lord. . It’s purpose in the play, I guess, is to show how the Scottish lords are beginning to turn against Macbeth, and to prepare the audiennce for Malcolm coming North …Read More

Let’s Explore Lady Macbeth for play-reading

We are surprised at the level of interest you’ve shown in play-reading. Our Facebook page now has more than 1,000 members (page likes & friends), and  in July, traffic to the web-site has doubled. Most of that comes from the US and UK, but interest is growing in Brazil, India, and the Philippines. . We hope some of you will try out play-reaidng of Macbeth in September, but why wait …Read More

Get started play-reading with Macbeth

A lot of people are interested in Shakespeare play-reading.  We’ve just published a new version of Macbeth (MFFEV5.20), which we’ll play-read again soon. We hope that some of you will join us by play-reading Macbeth and perhaps let us know how it went, by completing a play-reading report, which we’ll publish, provided it meets our standards for posts. It takes quite a bit of time to prepare for your first …Read More