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Home – Introduction to Players-Shakespeare.com

Players-Shakespeare.com publishes Shakespeare’s plays in an innovative form which lets you explore them in new ways.  You’ll find a detailed description of what you can do below the table of our published plays. You can get help on how to do this at the following links: Click here for video help with the features we provide. Click here for video help with reading Shakespeare’s texts Click here to learn how to run …Read More

New Playreading Reports: Toronto Shakespeare Workshop + other groups

Welcome to Toronto Shakespeare Workshop!!! We’re pleased to offer a very warm welcome to Toronto Shakespeare Workshop, run by Justin Hay,  as another play-reading group that contributes playreading reports to our web-site. For more details about them, click on  Toronto Shakespeare Workshop. This week we publish four playreading reports of workshops run by Justin in January 2015 on the first four Acts of Hamlet. You can find each of the …Read More

How to run a Playreading

We encourage people to run Shakespeare play-readings. From our own experience they can be enormous fun, and enrich your understanding of the play. . If you are thinking of doing that, we think you should think about using our MFFEV5 plays online. They’re based on around 10 years experience of running play-readings; they’re very easy to run and read, and they’re free. . To run an MFFEV5-based play-reading you need …Read More