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Globe Player streams Dame Judi Dench I/V on acting

The Globe Player allows you to stream Globe productions (and other content, including an interview with Judi Dench – see below) to your PC, mobile, or Internet-enabled PC.   We found the Globe Player last week, and have spent a bit of time exploring what it offers you. This article provides a summary of what you can do with it. To help you use the Globe Player, we also launch …Read More

Michelle Terry starring in RSC Loves Labours Lost and Love Labours Won

A profile of Michelle Terry in Words, Pics, and Video Clips With her performances with the RSC in Love’s Labour’s Lost as Rosaline, and in Love’s Labour’s Won (better known as Much Ado About Nothing) as Beatrice, Michelle Terry will become better known around the world, particularly with the  onscreen broadcasts  of those two shows in the near future. So who is the actor Michelle Terry, and what is her background …Read More

New Global Theatre programmes from The Globe and RSC

Today we publish details of The Globe’s, and the RSC’s, new programmes – with video clips summarising each season. We’ve updated our Global Theatre diary with these shows, and with other new ways of experiencing Shakespeare from the BBC and DigitalTheatre.com.  Here’s a summary of what we think are the highlights from the new programmes: First, and most exciting, the first broadcast from the indoor, candlelit, Sam Wanamaker theatre of The …Read More