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Play-reading report: The Tempest , 14th Jan ’18, Edinburgh

We ran a play-reading of The Tempest on Sunday 14th Jan, here in Edinburgh. We had some new readers, which is always a pleasure, and keeps everyone on their toes. The newbies are keen to do well, and the regulars are encouraged to try a bit harder. The result was a more dramatic play-reading.   Still, we can always do better. Someone suggested we stand when we have a speech to give, …Read More

Review (***) ‘The Tempest’, Dir. Derek Jarman, Kendon Films, 1979.

Review (***) ‘The Tempest’, Kendon Films. 91 minutes. By Alan Brown January 4, 2018 ‘The Tempest’, is available: in the US, from Amazon.com to buy as a DVD for $15.99 in the UK, from Amazon.co.uk  to buy as Blu-Ray for £13.80 Prices are indicative – check the actual price at the Vendors’ links above. . Our Bottom Line: Not nearly as alternative as its detractors suggest. More an approach to ‘The Tempest’ …Read More

The Tempest – Cast lists for play-readings, etc

If you decide to play-read The Tempest Players-Shakespeare.com provides playreading castings for 2 to 10 playreaders. We like to make sure that the smallest part is 100 lines or more, and with 10 playreaders, we’re just about there, so  8 to 10 players (in case you have 1 or 2 no-shows on the day of the reading) seems the best. You’ll find these castings in the index which is on the right for …Read More

The Tempest: Overview of Players-Shakespeare.com’s MFFEV5 edition

The Tempest is a rather special play, and we hope that our MFFEV5 edition of it offers some very special features. . In December 2017, we published our edition of The Tempest and we’ve written much more about the play than usual.  It is our ‘Play of the Month’ for January 2018, and we’ll publish links to the articles we’ve written – and other material – on our Facebook page throughout January. . These links are …Read More

Let’s explore: Prospero’s back-story in The Tempest

  Actors often  create a ‘back story’ for their characters which says what happened to them before the play starts. In The Tempest, there is no need for the actor to work out Prospero’s back story, because Prospero tells it himself, in Act 1 Scene 2, when he tells his daughter Miranda how they came to be shipwrecked on the desert island where they are. . The following link will take you …Read More

Let’s Play: Magic and Masque at Miranda and Ferdinand’s nuptials (5 players)

A4S1 of The Tempest celebrates the nuptials of Miranda and Ferdinand with a masque, and then starts the overthrow of Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo. It’s a difficult scene, but well worth playing. The scene is quite long, with tem characters, but luckily it can be played by 5 players, though that means that four  of the fove players will have to play more than one character.So let’s play the scene now. Links …Read More

Let’s Play: Sebastian and Francisco are tempted (The Tempest, A2S1, 5 players)

There’s really only one scene where we get to know Sebastian and Antonio, the villains of The Tempest, and that’s Act 2 Scene 1, where they are tempted to murder the King of Naples and Gonzalo, so that’s the scene we’ll explore. . The scene is quite long, with seven characters, but luckily it can be played by 5 players, though that means that one of the players will have to …Read More

Let’s Play: A1S2 The Tempest – Prospero tells Miranda their history

The Tempest starts with an enormous storm in which a boat is being shipwrecked and the passengers and crew fear losing their lives. All is sound and confusion so we (the audience) don’t get much of a chance to understand what the play is about. . All becomes clear in A1S2 in which Prospero explains to his daughter Miranda how they come to be on the desert island. In this exercise, …Read More

The Tempest – Cast list for 10 players

The table below provides the cast list for The Tempest for 10 players. Click on the Characters for the Player No. that you have been given, and you will be taken to a script in Highlight text for your characters, and starting at Act One Scene One: . Player Character(s) 1 Prospero 2 Antonio, Trinculo 3 Caliban, Adrian 4 Ariel 5 Stephano, Spirits, Mariner 6 Gonzalo, Juno 7 Ferdinand, Boatswain 8 Sebastian, Iris 9 Miranda, Francisco, Master 10 Alonso, Ceres When …Read More