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Hamlet A1S2 soliloquy ‘Oh that this too, too, solid flesh…’

My thanks to Alan Brown, Eliza Langland, and Scott Noble, for being willing to share their interpretations of this Hamlet soliloquy from A1S2 for your delight. . As you will have noticed, this video clip combines parts of each of their interpretations into one. If you’d like to hear their individual interpretations, let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. If there’s enough interest, we’ll put …Read More

Let’s Explore: Juliet – the young lover

If you haven’t tried out our  techniques of using ‘Parts and Cues’ and ‘Highlit Text’ to explore a Shakespeare character, then you’ll find it helpful to read the detailed explanation we give for the character Hamlet (click on Let’s Explore Hamlet). . You can explore any Shakespearean character in a play  published by Players-Shakespeare.com in a similar way. Here we help you explore Juliet, Romeo’s lover. . Juliet is a young girl, …Read More

How to playread Hamlet

Scroll down this page to get to the YouTube video. Press the right-arrow to start the video. Click on full-screen icon in bottom right-hand-corner. It was exciting to see how you responded to our launch of e-reader downloads for Apple, Android, Amazon, and Windows last week (see 2017 is here and play-reading is getting easier if you haven’t caught up with that). However, we don’t seem to have done a good …Read More