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Tell us about your Playreadings and more on MFFE Playreading Packs

We’ve published three or four play-reading reports since September, and one of the interesting things about them is that they’re very popular with our readers. They’re probably the most popular thing apart from reviews of National Theatre, RSC, or The Globe productions, and of course Edinburgh Festival reviews.

Today, we complete our upgrade to our Playreading / Production Packs release by letting you publish Playreading Reports on our web-site. (See https://players-shakespeare.com/add-a-playreading-report/ or select ‘Add a Playreading report’ from our Playreading menu, or select ‘Playreading Reports’ from our Playreading home page). We’ve put up 2 or 3 Playreading Reports, based on those we’ve already published to give you an idea of what they look like. You can see them at: View Playreading Reports. This shows a list of all published Playreading Reports. Click on the title of one that interests you, and you’ll be taken to the detailed Playreading Report.

We think it would be rather good if Playreading Groups from around the world told us about their play-readings. We’re sure we – and other Playreading Groups – would learn a lot from other groups’ experiences, and you would get some feedback on how your Play readings go, as well as potentially getting new members to your group if you publish a web-site address and / or an email address in the Playreading Report. We’re not sure we’ve got the format of the Playreading report quite right yet, but it’s good enough to get some feedback from you, and we can easily change it in the light of what you think.

 This completes the upgrades to the web-site we planned for now, and it means you can now do the following:

Download an MFFE Playreading Pack from the 15 already published
(see https://players-shakespeare.com/playreading-packs/)
Three of these are free, and all the rest are half-price until Jan ’15.
We’ll be publishing other playreading packs whenever we publish a new play in the MFFE series.

Give us feedback about the plays: The MFFE is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. This means you can use it, and change it, (e.g. for a play production) as much as you like with no licence issues. It also means that the edition belongs to us all. If there are things which you think should be changed about any particular play, please let us know. We provide an MFFE feedback form at: https://players-shakespeare.com/feedback/mff-feedback/ You can also find that feedback form in our Feedback menu under ‘MFFE Feedback’. This allows you to give us feedback about the script; the Introductory sections; and the Castcards of the play.

Run a playreading using the MFFE scripts and castcards: We’ve been running playreadings here in Edinburgh, using the MFFE  for the past 15 months. We’ve written up how we do it, to help you try it out. You can find our ‘How to’ at:
HOW TO RUN A PLAYREADING USING AN MFFE PLAYREADING PACK (or by clicking on the ‘How to’s link on our Playreading Home Page)

Tell us how it went: Write a playreading report to tell us how it went by filling in the Playreading Report Form. (Of course you can tell us how any playreading went. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, and it doesn’t have to be using the MFFE). We, and other users of the site, really want to know about your play-readings. We plan to publish any particularly good Playreading Reports on the main pages of our web-site: The Home page; the News & Reviews Page, and the Playreading Home Page.

We think Playreadings are rather fun. We have found the MFFE Playreading Packs simplify the admin work of putting together a Shakespeare playreading. We are sure that the MFFE could be improved a lot by use and feedback from other Shakespeare playreading Groups. We hope that more of you will do so.

 Happy Playreadings!!!!


The Director

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