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The Rite of Spring: The Dhiagelev / Nijinsky / Stravinsky production

Whilst we were away at Easter, in East Anglia, we went to an exhibition in Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge (well worth a visit if you’re near Cambridge) about  Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, a sculptor and artist about whom I knew very little. As well as his work, there were other  exhibits which were relevant to his work. Two of these caught my eye.

The first was a very early film of tango dancing, in Paris I believe. Now my partner and I have danced the tango, but this was much rougher and even violent than the tangos we do in Edinburgh, which is a rather refined city. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to track that clip down.

However, I had more luck with the other video. This was a re-creation of the Dhiagalev / Nijinsky / Stravinsky production of The Rite of Spring in Paris sometime around 1913. I had heard of this production, and heard the music, but never seen anything about it. Well the Joffrey Ballet discovered Nijinsky’s choreography for the piece (based on pagan Russian folk rites), and drawings of the costumes, and the set, and in 1987 re-created the production. It was filmed, and is quite extraordinary. In case you haven’t seen it, you’ll find three YouTube clips below which show the productions.

(Now I know this isn’t Shakespeare, but it fits into the other main category of things we cover – Global Theatre, and particularly shows from around the world that you can stream to your home).

Anyway, with no apologies at all, it is well worth a look (as is a documentary about the production that we plan to publish later), so click on the start buttons and watch the three clips below.







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