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Toronto Shakespeare Workshop

Toronto Shakespeare Workshop
Toronto Canada
Date Group Started: July 9th, 2014
Web-site: https://torontoshakespeareworkshop.wordpress.com/

Number of Members (approx): 66
Type of Members
Professional Actors, Other professional theatre people, Amateur Actors, Theatre Lovers, People who like Playreading
Number of Members at each playreading: 8
How much do you charge for membership (Free / Cost p.a. / Cost per reading)?
Canadian $10 per workshop

Type of plays your group reads:
How much of the play do you read at each reading:
Part of the play
How many playreadings do you run each year: 5

How many people in your group organise playreadings?: 1

How are the plays to be read chosen?

Organiser selects a number of plays, members vote to decide which is selected.

How are the scripts prepared for the play-reading?:

Organiser selects scenes and edits scripts

How are the readers for the playreading selected?:

Self-selecting up to a max. number of readers

How do readers prepare for the playreading?:

The scene selections are posted a number of days in advance. We have even had some members memorize scenes before the workshop. Printouts are also handed out on the workshop day – only to performers. The other actors are encouraged to watch rather than “read along”.

Is there an audience, and if so, how is it selected?:

No audience, apart from other workshop attendees

What happens after the play-reading?:

Free discussion

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