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A Midsummer Night’s Dream – for young actors

We ‘re pleased to publish a children’ s version of A Midsummer Night ‘s Dream – designed to be performed by a younger cast. There are parts for around 20 actors, but there are reasonable opportunities to double-up parts and reduce the cast size


It has been adapted by Tim Wilcock, who worked with the children of Shakespeare @ Traquair, to take this adaptation (or an earlier version of it) to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


You, too, can perform it. It is published here under a Creative Commons licence (see front page of the script) which allows you to share it, adapt it, and use it for a production.  If you want to contact Tim Wilcock  to find out how to stage it, etc., send me an email at playersshakespearemffev5@gmail.com, and I’ ll pass your message

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An RSC director’s approach to the ‘The Dream’

Editor ‘s Introduction:
I am very pleased that Aileen Gonsalves, Artistic Director and founder of Butterfly Theatre  (www.butterflytheatre.com),  director at the RSC, and originator of the Gonsalves Method, has agreed to write for Players-Shakespeare.com.


I first met Aileen at the RSC Big Week-end, where she gave a very impressive masterclass on directing, which introduced me (and the other attendees) to the Gonsalves Method. You can read my review of that workshop at: RSC Workshop: Directing Masterclass.


Since that first meeting I’ ve learned more about Aileen ‘s method. As I understand it, it is a development of the Meisner technique, invented by Sanford Meisner, around the same time Lee Strasburg started to teach ‘ Method Acting ‘. Both methods are derived from Stanislavski. On the other side of the Pond, at about this time, Peter Hall, Ciciely Berry, and John Barton, were developing their ways of exploring Shakespeare’ s texts.

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